Sustainable tourism is the doorway to innovative business
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The True Opportunity in the Travel Industry

Change expert Wassili Zafiris, travel journalist Aranka van der Pol and marketing professional Willem Versteegh give you and your organization the insights and tools on how the imminent environmental challenges open the doorway to innovative business.

Fundamental challenges face us every day. Depending on our frames of mind these challenges can have a deep impact in our lives. Apart from these challenges there are setbacks of a more intangible nature, challenges that are ‘bigger then us’. One of them is the current economic crisis.

Another challenge is ‘the crisis with the environment’. The effects of our negligence are becoming more and more visible with nature vanishing quickly and typhoons and flooding occurring in places never imagined before.

These problems can be ‘too much to handle’ and so far out of reach that we tend to leave it in the hands of others. When you’re in the travel business, you can’t. A healthy environment is inevitable for the future of your children AND your business.

How can the environmental challenges we face be the source of our deepest motivation? How do we fuel motivation in our staff and lead them to find innovation in the challenges? How do we communicate our sustainable vision towards the media and costumers in a genuine and profitable way?

Our seminars will connect the fundamentals of human nature and motivation to challenges of a global nature and surprise with new ideas and means in communicating your green vision.